About the Weninger Lab

The Weninger Lab at the University of Notre Dame focuses on the development and study of data mining, machine learning and network science.

The key application of this research is to identify how humans generate, curate and search for information in the pursuit of knowledge. The Weninger Lab uses properties of these emergent networks to reason about the nature of relatedness, membership and other abstract and physical phenomena.

Meet the Group

Prof. Tim Weninger
University of Notre Dame
353 Fitzpatrick Hall
Computer Science & Engineering
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Tel: +1-574-631-6770

Baoxu "Dash" Shi

Knowledge Graph Mining

Corey Pennycuff

Information Network Analysis

Maria Glenski

Social News and Media

Salvador Aguinaga

Graph Generation and Comparison

Current Projects

Using a newfound relationship between formal language theory and graph theory we are parsing a graph into a hyperedge replacement grammar (which looks like a graph version of a string CFG) and using that grammar to make important insights into how graphs are constructed and grow.
Because of the large volume of new information created every day, we are developing tools to reason about information in knowledge graphs to determine its correctness and to fill in missing pieces.
Social news Web sites like Slashdot, Reddit, Fark, etc. are a new type of Web democracy movement that is changing the way people organize and consume information. We are actively investigating the methods and implications for this new type of media platform.

Past Projects

Timelapse/Evolution of a research paper - Snapshot of every latex-compilation of a research paper published in 2013. This is the result.
For many reasons we want to find ways to extract only the content of a Web page, and throw out all of the non-content junk.